Виготовлення та монтаж металоконструкцій
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Calculation and production of metal structures 

TerBudKomplekt company, actively using modern solutions in the field of frame construction, calculates, implements manufactures and installs metal structures of any complexity and purpose. Each design produced by us is a unique project that meets state standards and fully meets the needs of the customer.

Designers and developers begin preparing a project to determine the exact functions of the future new building. The main guideline is clear compliance with regulatory requirements for the design and manufacture of metal structures. Besides, an important aspect is taking into account the client's wishes.

We offer only proven materials and suppliers.

All structures are sandblasted and covered with modern anti-corrosion materials with a long-term guarantee or are hot-dip galvanized.

A high level of quality of manufactured products is achieved through careful control of all production processes by qualified specialists.

Виготовлення та монтаж металоконструкцій


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