Виготовлення та монтаж металоконструкцій

Installation of fencing structures

Installation of fencing structures is a step-by-step collection of fencing elements using modern technologies and compliance with safety standards. As enclosing structures, we recommend:

- Sandwich panels are a vivid example of a universal material. This construction provides for at least two components in its production, which together form a permanent multi-functional connection. In this case, the elements are: sheet steel with a polymer coating and insulation (this can be polyurethane foam PUR, polyisocyanurate PIR, basalt mineral wool or expanded polystyrene). Using sandwich panels allows you to quickly assemble the necessary structure. The components are characterized by high strength, excellent insulation characteristics and meet modern aesthetic trends.

- Profiled sheet, also profiled sheet, or profiled-building material, is a metal sheet made of galvanized steel sheet. As a result of cold rolling, a flat sheet turns into a profiled one, which increases its rigidity and deformation stability. The high strength of the material allows it to be used as a roofing material, as well as for the construction of buildings, in particular warehouses, hangars and industrial facilities.

In addition, the company TerBudKomplekt offers several types of flat roofs with PVC membranes are often used in commercial construction, as they have high thermal insulation parameters, exceptional tightness and resistance to corrosion.

Виготовлення та монтаж металоконструкцій


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