Виготовлення та монтаж металоконструкцій

Monolithic frame construction

Monolithic frame construction is the construction directly on the construction site using special forms. This reduces the total cost of the object by reducing the logistics costs of delivering finished products from the factory and significantly reducing the cost of labor.

The structures are made using monolithic frame technology 15-20% lighter than prefabricated ones, which means that the amount of material required for Foundation construction is reduced and, consequently, the total cost of the object is reduced. The construction time of such structures differs significantly (in a smaller direction) from the time required for the construction of brick houses. In addition to all the above, sound and heat resistance indicators, in comparison with other construction technologies, increase several times.

Monolithic structures, redistributing the load, give a uniform draft of the house, which prevents the appearance of cracks, and, as a result, makes such a structure more durable: the service life of a monolithic object increases to 300 years. All loads in a monolithic building are transferred to the load-bearing frame, so there is no need for thick internal partitions. At the same time, external walls can be made of any material: brick, panel or curtain structures, they only play a protective and heat-insulating role. Buildings based on monolithic frames do not bind architects and designers to certain sizes and forms of equipment, which makes it possible to diversify design solutions.

Виготовлення та монтаж металоконструкцій


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