Виготовлення та монтаж металоконструкцій

Industrial floors

The floor is the most exploited part of the building, the floor has stronger and more intense loads, so it must be strong, withstand various types of loads: static, dynamic, temperature, chemical.

Such industrial floors are used in the construction and repair of various structures: warehouses and industrial premises, trade and exhibition halls, shops, supermarkets, service stations, terminals, railway stations, cold storage rooms, and are also placed in open areas.

They are a reliable coating of reinforced concrete with a reinforced surface layer. The use of advanced technologies and modern chemical components (topping, varnish) ensure semi-impact resistance, neutrality to petroleum products and engine oil, and abrasion resistance.

Industrial floors created by highly qualified craftsmen of the TerBudKomplekt company are several times superior in their performance characteristics to traditionally made floors, they are able to serve for a long time without additional preventive measures.

Виготовлення та монтаж металоконструкцій


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